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I have had CFS/ME for over a decade. Although I worked with a PT before that, I was very wary about finding one that would understand my needs and actually truly listen to me and my body. I have worked with Murray now for over 18 months, and in that time have considerably improved my fitness and capacity for exercise. Initially, I was very doubtful that I would be able to work with him for an hour, but I was able to do that quite rapidly, and now have no problem doing a full session with him without any risk of any post exercise crashes or problems. When I started with Murray, I had various problems that required care from physios. Each time I had tried to carefully start exercising again by myself I would end up eventually injured. Murray’s careful observation of my needs and weaknesses has built up muscle around these spots and now I don’t have any of these problems. Earlier this year I managed to achieve running a (very slow!) 5k, something that I thought might not be possible ever again. I would have every confidence in recommending Murray to someone with CFS or chronic health problems. His skill levels and careful observation and adaptions mean you are in safe hands.

Helen C

Shot from my first trail run in 10 years

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