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Age: 51. Starting Weight: 91kg. Current Weight: 60.78kg. Weight Loss: 30.22kg
I have pretty much spent my entire adult life unhappy about my weight. I have always had a complicated relationship with food and as such a poor self-image. The more I indulged one the worse the other got. I ended up battling and losing the fight and both spiralled uncontrollably. My weight issues reached a peak after having two kids, as it was almost impossible to find the the time, energy or inclination to do anything about it.

However, on reaching 50, I decided enough was enough, and things had to change, so I joined a gym. I started working out, but was unsure of the types of exercises I should be doing to see the best results? I realised I needed more guidance and decided to “call in the big guns” and sign up with a personal trainer (that way I could not make excuses and would have to follow through). I chose a personal trainer with a medical background, as my years in denial lead to the inevitable health issues. In my case damaged knees and dangerously high blood pressure. The latter condition caused an epileptic seizure, and gave me a very loud and clear wake up call.

I started to see Murray once a week and rapidly saw a dramatic transformation, in both my fitness level and overall mental well-being. Murray tailored my training programme to my issues, which allowed me to see results. Prior to seeing a personal trainer, I always steered clear of most of the scary looking pieces of gym equipment as they mostly looked like instruments of torture! However, armed with the understanding of the types if exercises I should focus on and the pieces of equipment I should use, I became hooked on exercise, and was able to supplement my training sessions independently. I now try to incorporate some form of daily exercise in to my life, as I find it both improves my overall fitness level and mental well-being.

To be honest what I needed was someone to help support my journey. Someone to motivate me, believe in me, and more importantly make me believe in myself. Murray`s medical background ensured that my programme was tailored to my specific health needs. Somehow it turns out losing weight after all these years is not only possible but also actually enjoyable. What I had not bargained for was finding a personal trainer who could change my attitude to health and fitness. He recently said to me that he was sure I would not go back to the way I was, and I can honestly say without any doubt that I won’t. So somehow, as well as an overall body makeover I have undergone a total life altering attitude change. What I needed was a tailored to me approach to personal training, and that is exactly what I got.

I recently read the definition of a Holistic approach, and think it accurately describes my personal training experience. Holistic (refers to addressing the whole person, including their physical, mental, and emotional health, empowering the person to take charge of their own health). There is therefore obviously a big difference between joining a gym, and having a personal trainer share their expertise and empower you to change your life. I can only say I am glad I chose the latter.

– Yvette

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