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3 months ago Murray gave me my health MOT that showed high blood pressure, high cholesterol (off the scale above 7.8) and that I was overweight. I accepted his offer to help me get fit and improve my health through a combination of diet and exercise. Having never done anything like a plant based diet I was intrigued what might be the outcome and so cautiously decided to give it a go. The weight came right off and my levels off fitness started to increase noticeably after three weeks. Now my blood pressure is at normal levels and my weight has dropped 10 kg (22Ibs) but the number I was particularly amazed at was my total cholesterol which has come down to 3.88!!! Given that Doctors had told me most people find it hard to reduce cholesterol via diet I was frankly stunned- and very happy. Just the other day I took another FTP test (fitness test) and was astonished to find my score had increased from 190-231! If you are wondering if a plant based diet and exercise could help you – commit for 3 months and see what happens.


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