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It was great working with Murray- he fully understood the restrictions I have due to my RA, and designed a fitness programme specifically for me. Thanks to him I feel fitter, stronger and have a regular fitness routine that I really enjoy doing!

Fiona, 56





I have had CFS/ME for over a decade. Although I worked with a PT before that, I was very wary about finding one that would understand my needs and actually truly listen to me and my body. I have worked with Murray now for over 18 months, and in that time have considerably improved my fitness and capacity for exercise. Initially, I was very doubtful that I would be able to work with him for an hour, but I was able to do that quite rapidly, and now have no problem doing a full session with him without any risk of any post exercise crashes or problems. When I started with Murray, I had various problems that required care from physios. Each time I had tried to carefully start exercising again by myself I would end up eventually injured. Murray’s careful observation of my needs and weaknesses has built up muscle around these spots and now I don’t have any of these problems. Earlier this year I managed to achieve running a (very slow!) 5k, something that I thought might not be possible ever again. I would have every confidence in recommending Murray to someone with CFS or chronic health problems. His skill levels and careful observation and adaptions mean you are in safe hands.

Helen C

Shot from my first trail run in 10 years

Although I haven’t worked with Murray for too long, I can tell you that he has completely changed my outlook and concept of exercise. As a person who literally dreaded the thought of exercise as I have an under active thyroid and has always struggled with my energy levels (tired is my middle name) increasing my fitness levels has dramatically changed my energy levels. I now feel capable of achieving things I couldn’t even think about in the past. For me to now wake up on the morning of my PT and look forward to my PT session is quite unbelievable! Murray has an inspirational outlook on health, exercise and life. His encouraging words to motivate you to improve yourself is simply a breath of fresh air, his approach is unique that you do not feel as though the exercise is forced upon you and I have noticed my fitness levels have increased rapidly over just a matter of months.



I joined Nuffield in October 2017 and it was my initial intention only to take Pilates classes to help relieve my aching joints and myalgia caused by an Auto-Immune condition called Sjogrens Syndrome. However, my physiotherapist suggested some Personal Training Sessions to strengthen my weak muscles following a tear to my rotator cuff and introduced me to Murray. I remember being impressed that he’d heard of my autoimmune condition.

Murray talked to me about the benefits of eating a plant based diet to reduce the inflammation in my body and I decided to give it a try.  Initially, I tried a few vegan recipes and stopped eating dairy but as Christmas grew nearer I knew it would be too difficult to continue in a house full of meat-eaters! So… I resumed my usual diet.

After a very sick January I decided that I was going to fully commit to the plant based diet for 6 weeks to see how I got on. To begin with I found the whole experience quite stressful. Lots of new recipes and ingredients which resulted in longer shopping trips and cooking/preparation of meals. But I soon settled in to the new diet combined with my personal training sessions and Pilates classes. During my new journey I’ve had a few disasters with recipes but mostly successes like the Chickpea, Tomato & Spinach Curry which I’m sharing. It is delicious. Sometimes when eating out I’ve opted for vegetarian options and on occasion I’ve even eaten meat.

However, the whole experience has been mind-opening and I’m still following mostly the plant based diet. Furthermore, since my first health MOT I’ve lost 6kg and my cholesterol has reduced from 6.1 to 5.4. But most importantly for me I feel more energised and fitter than I’ve been for years.

Thank-you Murray!

– Lorraine

Through diet and exercise and Murray’s encouragement, I feel so much better, energetic, happier and more focused than I have in years. I decided to stop taking my medication a couple of months ago and to my relief my symptoms haven’t returned. It’s early days and I’m not saying what I have done will work for everyone and should only be considered in agreement with your doctor, medication plays an important role in managing RA pain and further damage to joints I can definitely feel the benefit diet and exercise has made to me.


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