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As a 56 year old type2 diabetic with a pacemaker I had never been to a gym before and was in poor shape – unable to ascend stairs or walk more than 100 . When I started working with Murray I embraced the wholefoods plant based diet easily and began his program of light exercise. Three months later and I could walk 5km and HB1AC levels was down from 78 to 53. I feel a lot healthier and my quality of life has significantly improved.


I have T2 Diabetes, put on medication for it and associated high blood pressure. This gave me a kick up the backside into doing something about it. This is where Murray came into play and speaking to him I decided that he would be the right PT for me. Over the last 2 years I have gone from not being able to run for a bus to running 5 k and competing in 2 mini triathlons. In July 2020 I climbed Craiglockhart and Blackford hills in 3 hrs and walked 13 km. It was has not always been easy and many times I have wanted to give up. Murray supports me from knowing when to go hard (out of comfort zone) to knowing to go easy. He never shouts but can occasionally give me a subtle nudge when I need it. We are planning a series of challenges for next year which is a significant milestone for me.


Overweight, unfit and type 2 diabetic – I felt hopeless. Having Murray as a personal trainer changed my life completely. With his support, I changed my diet, lost weight and reversed my diabetes. Under Murray’s instruction I began to exercise an am fitter than I have been for years. He is professional, kind, inspiring and supportive. I couldn’t have done this without him.


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