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4 months ago I would be shattered after a run to the bins and back but now after trainings with Murray for nearly a year now everything has improved, I can run a 10k no issue, I can comfortably lift 100kg – that was before lockdown. He’s really improved my physical health as well as my mental health with constant goals to reach and helping me destroy them has really boosted my confidence. I’ve had issues with shoulder strength in the past but Murray has been amazing at fixing those issues and as well as that improving all my other areas to get rid of any future issues. I want a career in sport and Murray has encouraged me to be the best I can and strive to get fitter and reach that end goal

– David


One day I was in a store and I saw myself in the mirror and what I saw was shocking. I was overweight and needed to change. I had mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. I needed a change. I had heard that Murray was a PT who promoted the plant based diet so I asked him for some help. I signed up and he told me he had signed me up to a triathlon just after assessment! As I have had knee injuries, I was sceptical. But he worked all the muscles that was required for this and I finished not one but two triathlons with no pain at all! I lost 8 kg just doing that, the same weight I was when I was in my twenties. The plant based diet made me feel a lot more energetic and my mental health is a lot more stable than before. Big thanks to Murray for physically, emotionally, dietary helping me out. Today I love running long distances, something I couldn’t see happening a few years ago.




I used Murray as my personal trainer for a year until I was moving down to London. Since then I have used three other pt’s and still to this day I compare them to him as he set such a high standard. He is committed, always happy to give advice, never promotes unhealthy body building products like the vast majority of other pt’s and just makes training fun. I met Murray during the worst period of my life suffering from extreme anxiety and extra self conscious about what I could and couldn’t do. Now I actually look forward to the sessions. And I have achieved some really great results He’s helped me understand why its so important to look after yourself. I owe him a lot for helping to push me when I need it the most.


As a 56 year old type2 diabetic with a pacemaker I had never been to a gym before and was in poor shape – unable to ascend stairs or walk more than 100 . When I started working with Murray I embraced the wholefoods plant based diet easily and began his program of light exercise. Three months later and I could walk 5km and HB1AC levels was down from 78 to 53. I feel a lot healthier and my quality of life has significantly improved.


Overweight, unfit and type 2 diabetic – I felt hopeless. Having Murray as a personal trainer changed my life completely. With his support, I changed my diet, lost weight and reversed my diabetes. Under Murray’s instruction I began to exercise an am fitter than I have been for years. He is professional, kind, inspiring and supportive. I couldn’t have done this without him.


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