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One day I was in a store and I saw myself in the mirror and what I saw was shocking. I was overweight and needed to change. I had mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. I needed a change. I had heard that Murray was a PT who promoted the plant based diet so I asked him for some help. I signed up and he told me he had signed me up to a triathlon just after assessment! As I have had knee injuries, I was sceptical. But he worked all the muscles that was required for this and I finished not one but two triathlons with no pain at all! I lost 8 kg just doing that, the same weight I was when I was in my twenties. The plant based diet made me feel a lot more energetic and my mental health is a lot more stable than before. Big thanks to Murray for physically, emotionally, dietary helping me out. Today I love running long distances, something I couldn’t see happening a few years ago.




I joined Nuffield in October 2017 and it was my initial intention only to take Pilates classes to help relieve my aching joints and myalgia caused by an Auto-Immune condition called Sjogrens Syndrome. However, my physiotherapist suggested some Personal Training Sessions to strengthen my weak muscles following a tear to my rotator cuff and introduced me to Murray. I remember being impressed that he’d heard of my autoimmune condition.

Murray talked to me about the benefits of eating a plant based diet to reduce the inflammation in my body and I decided to give it a try.  Initially, I tried a few vegan recipes and stopped eating dairy but as Christmas grew nearer I knew it would be too difficult to continue in a house full of meat-eaters! So… I resumed my usual diet.

After a very sick January I decided that I was going to fully commit to the plant based diet for 6 weeks to see how I got on. To begin with I found the whole experience quite stressful. Lots of new recipes and ingredients which resulted in longer shopping trips and cooking/preparation of meals. But I soon settled in to the new diet combined with my personal training sessions and Pilates classes. During my new journey I’ve had a few disasters with recipes but mostly successes like the Chickpea, Tomato & Spinach Curry which I’m sharing. It is delicious. Sometimes when eating out I’ve opted for vegetarian options and on occasion I’ve even eaten meat.

However, the whole experience has been mind-opening and I’m still following mostly the plant based diet. Furthermore, since my first health MOT I’ve lost 6kg and my cholesterol has reduced from 6.1 to 5.4. But most importantly for me I feel more energised and fitter than I’ve been for years.

Thank-you Murray!

– Lorraine

What I like about training with Murray is that he isn’t your regular PT. He focuses on the whole picture of health, rather than just improving your fitness. He has helped me improve my sleep, my balance that I use a lot for sailing, fixed my shoulder, got me fit and educated me on what healthy foods are. As I am a huge advocate for environmental health I am very pleased that he also addresses this issue with his business. I strongly recommend him to everyone I know.

– Diane

Age: 51. Starting Weight: 91kg. Current Weight: 60.78kg. Weight Loss: 30.22kg
I have pretty much spent my entire adult life unhappy about my weight. I have always had a complicated relationship with food and as such a poor self-image. The more I indulged one the worse the other got. I ended up battling and losing the fight and both spiralled uncontrollably. My weight issues reached a peak after having two kids, as it was almost impossible to find the the time, energy or inclination to do anything about it.

However, on reaching 50, I decided enough was enough, and things had to change, so I joined a gym. I started working out, but was unsure of the types of exercises I should be doing to see the best results? I realised I needed more guidance and decided to “call in the big guns” and sign up with a personal trainer (that way I could not make excuses and would have to follow through). I chose a personal trainer with a medical background, as my years in denial lead to the inevitable health issues. In my case damaged knees and dangerously high blood pressure. The latter condition caused an epileptic seizure, and gave me a very loud and clear wake up call.

I started to see Murray once a week and rapidly saw a dramatic transformation, in both my fitness level and overall mental well-being. Murray tailored my training programme to my issues, which allowed me to see results. Prior to seeing a personal trainer, I always steered clear of most of the scary looking pieces of gym equipment as they mostly looked like instruments of torture! However, armed with the understanding of the types if exercises I should focus on and the pieces of equipment I should use, I became hooked on exercise, and was able to supplement my training sessions independently. I now try to incorporate some form of daily exercise in to my life, as I find it both improves my overall fitness level and mental well-being.

To be honest what I needed was someone to help support my journey. Someone to motivate me, believe in me, and more importantly make me believe in myself. Murray`s medical background ensured that my programme was tailored to my specific health needs. Somehow it turns out losing weight after all these years is not only possible but also actually enjoyable. What I had not bargained for was finding a personal trainer who could change my attitude to health and fitness. He recently said to me that he was sure I would not go back to the way I was, and I can honestly say without any doubt that I won’t. So somehow, as well as an overall body makeover I have undergone a total life altering attitude change. What I needed was a tailored to me approach to personal training, and that is exactly what I got.

I recently read the definition of a Holistic approach, and think it accurately describes my personal training experience. Holistic (refers to addressing the whole person, including their physical, mental, and emotional health, empowering the person to take charge of their own health). There is therefore obviously a big difference between joining a gym, and having a personal trainer share their expertise and empower you to change your life. I can only say I am glad I chose the latter.

– Yvette

3 months ago Murray gave me my health MOT that showed high blood pressure, high cholesterol (off the scale above 7.8) and that I was overweight. I accepted his offer to help me get fit and improve my health through a combination of diet and exercise. Having never done anything like a plant based diet I was intrigued what might be the outcome and so cautiously decided to give it a go. The weight came right off and my levels off fitness started to increase noticeably after three weeks. Now my blood pressure is at normal levels and my weight has dropped 10 kg (22Ibs) but the number I was particularly amazed at was my total cholesterol which has come down to 3.88!!! Given that Doctors had told me most people find it hard to reduce cholesterol via diet I was frankly stunned- and very happy. Just the other day I took another FTP test (fitness test) and was astonished to find my score had increased from 190-231! If you are wondering if a plant based diet and exercise could help you – commit for 3 months and see what happens.


As a 56 year old type2 diabetic with a pacemaker I had never been to a gym before and was in poor shape – unable to ascend stairs or walk more than 100 . When I started working with Murray I embraced the wholefoods plant based diet easily and began his program of light exercise. Three months later and I could walk 5km and HB1AC levels was down from 78 to 53. I feel a lot healthier and my quality of life has significantly improved.


I have T2 Diabetes, put on medication for it and associated high blood pressure. This gave me a kick up the backside into doing something about it. This is where Murray came into play and speaking to him I decided that he would be the right PT for me. Over the last 2 years I have gone from not being able to run for a bus to running 5 k and competing in 2 mini triathlons. In July 2020 I climbed Craiglockhart and Blackford hills in 3 hrs and walked 13 km. It was has not always been easy and many times I have wanted to give up. Murray supports me from knowing when to go hard (out of comfort zone) to knowing to go easy. He never shouts but can occasionally give me a subtle nudge when I need it. We are planning a series of challenges for next year which is a significant milestone for me.


Murray is a fantastic trainer as he fuels you with confidence even when you feel that the task is impossible. When I first met him I was unfit and doubted my own ability. He has improved my fitness levels beyond my wildest dreams. He is a taskmaster but not a bully and I have achieved more than I ever thought was possible. I now regularly run 5 k’s despite being 52 and never been a runner. I have also lost weight, and generally feel a lot better and more happy.


By following the plant based diet, I feel it has dramatically improved my energy levels, helped me lose weight (-16 kg). I feel Murray has helped me understand how the body works and how to follow the program. My fitness levels have never been higher. My cholesterol dropped from 4.26 to now unreadable on the monitor.

– Robyn

I first met Murray after a long period of inactivity. Partially due to a broken humerus but mostly laziness. I had been told I may never gain full movement in my arm and I also had high blood pressure. Working with Murray over the past two years has been life changing. With his continued support I have regained full my arm movement and brought my blood pressure down to normal via diet and exercise. I now feel stronger than ever, I have lost allot of weight and generally take much better care of myself than I have ever done before. Murrays passion for overall wellness coupled with his medical background is the perfect combo for a world class personal trainer and I couldn’t recommend him enough.


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