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Step 1 – Contact

The first step is to email me at

Tell me a little about who you are and why you would like a personal health coach/ personal trainer.

Step 2 – Getting to know you – Consultation

This can be done live, or via zoom, depending on your location.

We will cover in depth, who you are, what your goals are, medical history etc

Setting goals is an extremely important factor, the clearer the goals, the easier it is for me to design a program in line with them.

Step 3 – Designing a program around your life

Receiving a specialised, unique and sustainable lifestyle program, perfectly adapted to fit into your life.

If you live in Edinburgh, I use a beautiful private gym space in Kingsnowe where you can use face to face sessions in a gym setting. If you prefer being outdoors, sessions are also conducted in green spaces all around Edinburgh.

You pay a monthly fee, for me to provide a service as your health coach. There are no contracts. When you have reached your goals, you can terminate my service directly by simply letting me know.

Step 4 – Teamwork

Together we work as a team to make sure you stay on track and on top of the program.

You can text or call whenever you have questions. Communication is absolutely key as a team.

Step 5 – Enjoy a new you – Adapt to health

Live the life you want. Do things you didn’t think possible. Enjoy a new healthier life.

The real goal is for you to adapt to health. To get to the point where you crave healthy foods and look forward to exercise.

The best part of my job, is to watch my clients excel into a new healthier lifestyle. Just adapting to small changes, creates huge positive changes to their wellbeing, mood and general quality of life. Everyone can make this change, no matter who you are.

A bit about me...

Even in my early days as a medical student I could see a huge problem with our current health system. Everything is focused on treating disease rather than preventing disease. The number of people suffering and dying each year due to poor lifestyle choices is staggering and drastic measures need to be taken.

As a health coach, I promote programs that are focused on health through offering an insight to how much exercise is beneficial and what foods heal you rather than hurt you.

Over the years I have seen clients who struggled to walk up and down stairs who are now performing well in triathlons, clients who have reduced their high blood pressure and reversed their type 2 diabetes. I’ve witnessed weight loss of hundreds of kilos and conversions to thriving mental states. However, the best thing I’ve experienced is seeing my clients find a new belief and a new passion in themselves. That’s special. That is why I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. I love my job.

The idea of building my own health business came during my finals in LA, California. The catalyst for starting it occurred once I saw how many people were affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Today, I have performed more than 5000 sessions with clients from all over the world.

I love movement in all shapes and form. Triathlons, lifting weights, yoga, long hikes you name it! My biggest love is meditation. Train the mind and life gets allot easier in every aspect I say!

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